End of Program Testing Results


▪ 52% of all Ontario herds participated in the Johne’s program
▪ 26% of herds tested had at least 1 test-positive cow
▪ 5% of herds tested had at least 1 high test-positive cow

▪ Purchasing cattle, pooling colostrum and group calving are risks
▪ Single herd test does NOT fully define herd status – 24% of herds negative on first test
had at least 1 positive on second test
▪ Calf hygiene is the key to Johnes prevention
▪ High test-positive cow removal is critical for calf protection

▪ Do a Risk Assessment & Management Plan (RAMP) annually
▪ Implement Best Management Practices to prevent calf infection
▪ Use a testing program to establish the extent of herd infection
▪ Allow only cattle from low risk, test-negative herds on your farm

Recommendations to control Johnes Disease on your farm (pdf)


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